About Piter & Magda

We are best friends who have been dancing and performing for 11 years. Each of us has 12 years of experience in ballroom dancing. In 2012, after we got bored with "defined" expression in arranged choreographies we went for the first ZOUK workshops in Cracow and immediately fell in love with the new energy, movement and sensuality of this Brazilian dance. We gained our rich technique participating in numerous zouk events, workshops and festivals in Poland and Europe. Thanks to that we discovered that every dance is more than just steps and figures, it is fun movements, improvisation and emotional journey into the music.In 2013 we started to run the first regular courses in Cracow. Also, we begun to give workshop classes and perform in shows both in Poland and abroad. Since 2017 we teach and share our love for ZOUK at Krambo Dance School.  


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